Will you be hosting a summer get together? To wow your guests, find out what the best baked goods are for those warmer months.


Too Much Bread? Add These Bread Pudding Dishes To The Menu

30 August 2016
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Sometimes it's hard to guess how much bread you'll need for a busy weekend or a holiday week. When you over-order and have extra loaves sitting in the storage room, don't let that bread go to waste. Even if it's stale, you can use it to bake up some delicious bread pudding, which you can add to the menu as a special. Bread pudding is a warming, comforting dessert that your customers are sure to enjoy.
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Desserts for Summer Barbecues

During the warm, summer months, I adore hosting casual barbecues at my country home. Because I like to spend as much time with my guests as possible, I always look for ways to limit the time I need to be in the kitchen. A great way to save time preparing delicious foods for your summer gatherings is to buy your desserts at a local bakery. Some popular sweet treats many people adore include red velvet cake, strawberry shortcake, apple pie, chocolate cake, and key lime pie. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best desserts to serve at summer barbecues. Enjoy!